Far Cry 7 fans respond to time limit rumours: "no-buy from me"

Far Cry 7 fans respond to time limit rumours: "no-buy from me"
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Rumours have been swirling for months that Ubisoft's latest entry in the Far Cry series will have a time limit - and in a recent Reddit thread, gamers are not happy.

The speculated Far Cry 7 is reported to have a 72-hour in-game time limit for the player to save their kidnapped family - this is likely to amass to 24 hours in real-life.

If this happens, it would be a huge shift for Ubisoft with this popular franchise as these games usually embrace exploration.

But reacting to the rumours on Reddit, a number of gamers have expressed anger over this potential change, with some threatening to boycott the game altogether and the vast majority, if not all, of these kind of comments receiving the most upvotes.

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bms_ said: "Sounds terrible. When I want urgency, I look at my work and deadlines."

Limp_Bar_727 said: "They did this with Fallout 1 if I'm not mistaken. I hope they implement it in a way that's not constantly stressing you out when you play."

-ImJustSaiyan- said: "No thanks, a time limited campaign is one of the last things I want from Far Cry, or most games really."

Masam10 said: "My favourite thing about Far Cry is exploring everywhere and collecting everything, upgrading weapons, taking over all bases / checkpoints etc before wrapping up the story. Probably a no-buy from me if they do some weird Majoras Mask style time limit."

Majoras Mask is a Zelda game that revolved around a 72-hour in-game cycle.

mhassig said: "It should be an optional hardcore mode setting and it would be cool. As a standard game mode though absolutely not."

SB_90s said: "Far Cry fans with anxiety in utter shambles. Moreso than usual at least. On a serious note though, I hated this in the original Dead Rising and will continue to hate it. In a game like Far Cry where there's a big element of exploration and doing things however you want (and taking however long you want with scouting / stealth), it's even more silly."

Ubisoft has not confirmed if Far Cry 7 will even happen however the studio stopped updating Far Cry 6 more than six months ago.

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