Four things to expect from GTA 6's first trailer

Four things to expect from GTA 6's first trailer
New patent reveals exciting new GTA VI feature
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The hotly anticipated new trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto game is nearly upon us, and gamers are on tenterhooks.

It has been more than 10 years since the last instalment of the world’s most popular video game, and the makers, Rockstar Games have been dropping cryptic hints about the next one over the next few months.

Some fans have even reportedly quit smoking so they definitely live until the eventual release date. Safe to say, some people are unhealthily obsessed.

With the trailer set to drop in early December, here are four things to expect.

The location

Previous Rockstar Games trailers have featured a highlight reel revealing the location of the game, and giving fans an idea of the new world they’ll be tearing up.

Liberty City, Vice City, and Los Santos, the previous game locations, are as iconic to GTA players as any of its playable characters, so this is likely to be an important one.

Moreover, Rockstar spends a huge amount of time and effort on world design, it’s a key part of the franchise. Any trailer will surely feature this heavily.

The big question is: where will it be?

A data leak last September suggested that it will be in a revamped version of Vice City – but whether that's the only location is anyone's guess.

Some cars

Everyone loves cruising around GTA game worlds in classic cars blasting music and occasionally stopping to commit some virtual crimes, right?

Social media users certainly hope that cars – and other vehicles – will play a part in the upcoming trailer.

One person commented on Reddit: “I know the game will take place in the modern era, but I really hope we'll see classic/old-school cars as well, like in GTA 5.

“Something like a Chevrolet Bel Air or a Ford F-100 or basically anything from the 50s to the 80s. If 90% of the cars are going to be modern and electric, I will be pretty disappointed, not gonna lie.”

How it will deal with the popularity of GTA Online

The massive success of GTA Online, where players play against one another in a virtual world, will cause some headaches for people designing the trailer – and the next game in general.

Will it give people the chance to continue their online adventures in the last game into the new one?

Some gamers have spent untold amounts of money – and days of their life – on their GTA multiplayer profiles, so this will be a big concern for them.

Other bits from the recent leak

While official information about the game has been sparse, a massive data leak last September gave fans a sneak peak.

About 90 videos from an in-development version of the game appeared on a forum, showing that the game might feature the series’ first playable female protagonist.

The character, called Lucia, was clad in a pink outfit, and appeared to be robbing someone at gunpoint.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect that she will feature somewhere in the upcoming trailer.

Fans on social media also speculated that the makers of the trailer will include various other, more random, aspects – one person suggested rollerblades, for example.

Another person said they wanted to see a “police shootout”, which sounds a little more in-keeping with the franchise.

Whatever the trailer brings, it will have gamers across the land incredibly excited.

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