These are the things that sum up life as a 90s child perfectly

These are the things that sum up life as a 90s child perfectly
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If you’re a 90s child (like us), then you’ll often get a little nostalgic for the old days of dial-up internet and Nokia 3310s.

It was a time of huge societal chance. Notably, children growing up at that time were the only generation to experience life before, during and after the internet came to define modern society.

We’ve seen it all, basically – the good and the bad.

Now, a viral post from Nerdom has resurfaced which paints a pretty accurate picture of life as a 90s child, as well as painting a pretty telling picture of our relationship with other generations and their attitudes.

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We thought we'd take a slightly more in-depth list of "things only 90s kids will understand", too.



Most of us know the joy (and anxiety, at times) that comes with trying to keep our Tamagotchis alive and well – and if you don’t, you definitely missed out.

It was a simpler time when digital pets had their heyday in the late 90s. Back then, the lowest quality line graphics on a tiny hand-help device could keep us all occupied for days, and we loved it. It’s about time for a Tamagotchi comeback isn’t it?

Pokemon Cards


Pokemon is still popular to this day, thanks no end to the popularity of Pokemon GO a few years back, but it was at its peak back in the 90s – and like millions, we were absolutely obsessed as kids.

The games kept us occupied for countless hours, regardless of whether we were brought up in the Red, Blue or Yellow iterations, but the cards really made it an interactive phenomenon out in the real world. Swapping cards at school, showing off our collections and dreaming of finding a shiny Charizard… good times indeed.

Sony Walkmen


The idea of digital streaming, where basically every song ever released is there to listen to at the touch of a button, was the stuff of daydreams back in the day. Instead, there was the Sony Walkman.

The 80s kids had the tape player, but we had the CD incarnation, which were one of the ultimate Christmas gifts to receive as a child.

We were obsessed with them for a year or two, but good luck going for a walk (or heaven forbid, running) with one of these on your person – the thing used to jump no end, and you had to stay absolutely still for it to work properly. Still, we loved them at the time.

‘Dreams of the future’

Taking things on a different track, the post then reads: “The crushing realisation that you're stuck between a generation of people who believed that hard work could accomplish anything and that you should live your dreams, while the generation that came after you is living far better by being in the right place at the right time and having the foresight to study in newly developed field, thus leaving you to tend to your hopeless, demolished expectations and dreams for the future”.

We feel seen right now.



The craze came and went in the blink of an eye, but most 90s kids will have a visceral memory of stepping out into the playground and seeing these little things.

To be honest, we collected these but didn’t really understand how they worked, or what they were for (apparently, you’re supposed to stack them up and then drop things on them? We have no idea). Still, looked cool though…

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