Woman named her diner 'Woke' and it caused absolute chaos

Woman named her diner 'Woke' and it caused absolute chaos
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A small business owner in Connecticut is facing backlash from conservatives for naming her diner and coffeeshop “Woke Breakfast & Lunch.”

Carmen Quiroga opened Woke Breakfast & Lunch in Coventry earlier this month hoping to bring a new breakfast spot to the town.

She decided on the name because she wanted something that was similar to hearing “wake up and have a coffee” while also including an egg and coffee bean in the logo.

"When we were thinking of an idea, we obviously wanted a word that would represent something related to morning. We wanted something that was quick and easy to say," Quiroga told Insider.

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She says “woke” was the only word that related to waking up that also included an “o” where she could put an egg or a coffee bean in the logo.

However, once Woke Breakfast & Lunch opened, people within the town thought Quiroga was using the word because it is associated with left-leaning ideology.

"I'm a Mexican," Quiroga told CT Insider. "I don't know anything about what 'woke' means to some people."

On the Coventry CT Citizen's Open Forum Facebook page, one admin scolded those who are refusing to go to the establishment because of the name.

“It's disgusting to read that residents are going to refuse to support a business that is trying to grow in our awesome little town because you don't like what they've named it, without even knowing anything about how they chose that name,” the admin wrote. “Just stop."

But a Republican town council member named John French told CT Insider that the name was turning those with right-leaning views away.

"It's a shame," French said. “But one of the things you learn not to do in business is cause controversy. In this case, 'woke,' I believe, will hurt them."

Quiroga said by the time she learned the meaning behind “woke” she already spent thousands of dollars on menus, cup sleeves, signs, and more featuring the name.

Despite the name causing some controversy in town, Quiroga said she does not plan to change the name.

And by the sound of her booming business, it doesn't seem most of the town minds the name.

Quiroga told Insider, "We are very, very busy. We had to close an hour later because the people were waiting to try our food. Everybody said that the food is excellent. So we feel like, like we have good support from the town."

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