Family raises 250lb 'dog' for two years - then realises it's not a dog

Family raises 250lb 'dog' for two years - then realises it's not a dog
Chinese family raises 250-pound dog for 2 years, then realizes it's a …

A family in China thought they were taking home an adorable furry puppy, but were in for a surprise when it grew to be 250 pounds and began walking on two legs.

According to reports, Su Mou brought the dog, which he believed was a Tibetan mastiff, home to his family in a small village in the Yunnan Province in 2018.

But once the dog grew to weigh over 250 pounds and began walking on its hind legs, the family grew suspicious.

The family “dog” was eating “a box of fruits and two buckets of noodles every day” and growing more in size. A typical Tibetan mastiff will weigh up to 150 pounds.

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“The more he grew, the more like a bear he looked,” Su told a Chinese news outlet. He added that he is "a little scared of bears.

After raising the animal for two years, Su began to suspect his “dog” was actually a black bear.

Once Su realised the private domestication of wild animals was illegal, he reached out to the Forest Public Security Bureau of Yiliang County to come rescue the black bear.

This Family Thought They Were Raising a Dog—It Was a Bear | Nat Geo

Authorities determined the “dog” was in fact an Asian black bear, weighing over 200 kilos (400 pounds) and being one meter (3 feet) tall.

Asian black bears are a protected species in China.

According to reports, authorities were so intimidated by the bear they anesthetized it before bringing it to a wildlife shelter.

The bear was taken to the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Centre where it underwent observation.

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