How many times a week should you shower?

How many times a week should you shower?
Did You Know There's A Right Way To Shower?

We’re afraid that, once again, Hollywood stars are talking about not washing themselves.

Remember when Jake Gyllenhaal said that bathing was “less necessary, at times”? Or when Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher said they only washed their children when they can “see the dirt"?

Now, Barbie star America Ferrera has spoken about her “guilty pleasure” and said it was “not showering for a few days”, which came as a shock to her co-stars.

It’s got people talking about bathing habits again, and people are now wondering just how many times a week we should really be showering.

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The answer will, of course, be subjective. It’ll depend on how active a lifestyle people lead, or on the temperature of the climate they live in and a variety of other factors.

It shouldn’t automatically be assumed that showering every day is good for you when it comes to your health. It is, though, the most popular choice for most people. Harvard Health Publishing states that two-thirds of people in the US shower daily.

But it’s not the case everywhere, as around half of people in China say they bathe just twice a week.

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There are drawbacks to be considered when it comes to over showering. Skin can become too dry and irritated when the balance of normal bacteria and natural oils is impacted.

It is important to bear in mind that some of the bacteria on the human body is important when it comes to forming the protective microbiome and helping us to stay healthy. This can be avoided at least in part by taking shorter showers and washing in warm water rather than hot.

Many people will say that the risk of drying out their skin is better than smelling and developing body odour, though. After all, people will be likely to notice bad smells after a few days of not washing.

It’s not just aesthetics and smell that people should consider when it comes to showering either. Not washing enough can lead to dandruff and the scalp irritation, as well as acne and eczema.

As such, and given that it changes from person to person, it’s difficult for experts to say exactly how often we should all be bathing.

However, as Harvard Health Publishing states, several short showers per week will suffice for most people who aren’t regularly working up a sweat by working out.

So, as it turns out, Barbie star Ferrera might be onto something after all.

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