The UK is in the midst of a lunch crisis

The UK is in the midst of a lunch crisis
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Lunch isn't handled well at all by those of us in the United Kingdom, and in fact it's a bit of a crisis.

The average Brit spends just 15 minutes a day on their lunch - and that includes prepping it a well as scoffing it down.

A poll of 2,000 adults found a third are bored of what they have for a midday meal, and have the same thing four days a week.

With that time spent on it, it's no surprise! But what foods were offending tastebuds?

Lunch foods bore Brits

We haven't moved far from school meals in Britian Getty Images

The most boring lunches were found to be salads (22 per cent), sandwiches (21 per cent) and soups (20 per cent), despite most people eating these each day.

When it comes to making lunch, priorities were found to be convenience (47 per cent), how healthy it is (36 per cent) and time (35 per cent).

Anna Beheshti for Tilda, which commissioned the research to encourage people to elevate their palate when it comes to lunchtime, said: “Our research revealed people are looking for tastier, healthier and more flavoursome lunches, but convenience and time present a barrier to this.

“Lunch doesn’t have to be mundane just because it's often eaten speedily and alone, with a little bit of inspiration you can create a quick and affordable lunch that ticks all of these boxes.”

Maybe push the boat out on the weekend a little for lunch. You deserve it.

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