An OnlyFans model is offering you the chance to date her only if you can pass a quiz

An OnlyFans model is offering you the chance to date her only if you can pass a quiz
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An OnlyFans model is offering her fans the dream opportunity of dating her, but only if they can pass a bizarre quiz.

French OnlyFans star ‘Laurie’ is among the platforms’ top earners and has left her supporters with a mouth-watering prospect of being able to date her.

Laurie explained that she is tired of trying to find the right man and so is willing to take a chance on a viewer who can pass her special questionnaire.

She is looking for a man who can “fulfill” and “understand” her. To find them, she has created a quiz website where people’s answers will help her find the right one.

The website reads: “Where are you normal guys? I don’t reply to my messages on Instagram, I always get the same messages on Tinder and I flunk the stupid guys at parties. The reason is simple…

“I don’t have a feeling with these boys. The same ones that ignored me in middle school. I grew up during my teenage years with shy, geeks.

“I couldn’t find a boy who fulfilled me or understood me. So I decided to embark on this crazy experiment.”

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The quiz questions touch on topics such as relationship goals, hobbies, careers, finances and sex.

Some of the most bizarre questions ask what your dream superpower would be, if you’d rather hoard wealth or abolish capitalism, what your dream travel destination would be and which celebrity you’d like to have dinner with.

Once you’ve answered the questionnaire, all you have to do is put your email address and hope Laurie has found her match in you.

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