These PC PUZZLE GAMES will test your IQ

Nowadays, everyone is a self-proclaimed genius.

Particularly, there are many people who not only want to exhibit high intelligence themselves but also seek it out in others as well. High intelligence is defined as having "superior intellectual or artistic abilities or exceptional creative power or as someone who ranks in the top 1% of all people on a test of intelligence.

There are a few different methods for testing for high intelligence that have been created by psychologists and other experts. Sure, people can test there IQ (intelligence quotient) but the average IQ assessment is specifically designed to measure aptitude and ability.

Intelligence is more than just your IQ, and signs of having a high intelligence can be exhibited in a multitude of ways.

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Here are a few examples:

You worry often

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Who said having anxiety was always a bad thing?! Jokes aside, per Slate, psychologists surveyed more than 100 students in Ontario, Canada, and asked them to share their levels of worry. Students who showed characteristics of angst and who agreed with survey statements like "I am always worrying about something" had a high score on the verbal intelligence test.

You drink alcohol more than average

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According to Mental Floss, studies found that smart children have a tendency to grow up to become heavy drinkers. Apparently, 68.4% of college graduates reported drinking as opposed to only 35.2 percent of those who did not graduate high school.

You're a lone wolf

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According to a PsyBlog article, "the more that intelligent people socialize with their friends, the less satisfied they are with life."

You have a positive outlook

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Having a good outlook on life and being hard working can make a world of a difference in your life. Having a positive attitude towards your relationships, social life, criticism, feedback are all signs of high intelligence as you constantly leave space to improve.

You have good body memory

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Have you ever figured out your way to a specific restaurant you visited once years ago but couldn't remember the name? You probably have good body memory. High bodily-kinesthetic intelligence means you can remember patterns of movement and mimic them without much effort.

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