41 things the Americans say wrong

41 things the Americans say wrong

There are a number of theories that try to explain the reason Britons and Americans speak English so differently.

One such theory blames Noah Webster who, following independence, created the Webster Dictionary to reform the language in America.

Expert Market created a video, below, which shows just how different the same language can sound with just a matter of distance.

There are some differences you probably knew already...

Some you maybe didn't...

And some that come with a whole new meaning...

Here are 40 words that Americans say 'wrong' and their 'proper' British English equivalent:

1. Resume (CV)

2. Cell phone (mobile)

3. Call someone (ring someone)

4. Trash can (bin)

5. ATM (cash point)

6. High school (secondary school)

7. College (university)

8. TV (telly)

9. Elevator (lift)

10. First floor (ground floor)

11. Second floor (first floor)

12. Third floor (second floor)

13. Vacation (holiday)

14. Zip code (post code)

15. Xerox (photocopy)

16. Sweater (jumper)

17. Pants (trousers)

18. Underwear (pants)

19. Fanny pack (bum bag)

20. Cigarette (fag)

21. Gas (petrol)

22. Semi (lorry)

23. Glue stick (pritt stick)

24. Sup? (you alright?)

25. Play hooky (skive)

26. Chip (crisp)

27. Fries (chips)

29. Biscuit (scone/ cake thing)

30. Zucchini (courgette)

31. Eggplant (aubergine)

32. Cilantro (coriander)

33. Scotch tape (sellotape)

34. Trunk (boot)

35. Hood (bonnet)

36. Soccer (football)

37. Tennis shoes (trainers)

38. Backpack (Rucksack)

39. [There's no word for it] (maternity leave)

40. Vacuum (hoover)

41. Thanks dude (cheers mate)

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