A McDonald's worker has answered all those questions you had about fast food while waiting for your 3am McNuggets, but were too afraid to ask.

The anonymous crew trainer from Australia said she was bored getting ready for her night shift when she decided to take on the weird and wonderful questions of Reddit in an Ask Me Anything thread.

While some of the questions might not have been keeping you up at night...

...Between the original poster and additions from other McDonald's workers around the world, there were some interesting snippets. Here are some of the things we found out:

1. People really do order anything and everything

One worker noted their two favourites: a single slice of tomato, and an apple pie with 30 packets of ketchup.

2. If someone calls in sick, a few people have learned to cook McFood the hard way

When I worked there a few years ago, if there were a majority of people on the tills/registers, one or two would be moved into the kitchen.

3. It looks like McDonald's really does take care of its staff, though

Every five years, a manager gets to pick a gift from McDonald's, each gift being slightly more expensive than the last. Since [our maintenance staffer] is technically a manager (head maintenance), he got a sailboat. A f--king sailboat.

4. No, wrong orders don't get recycled into new orders

Apparently everything goes into a waste bin, and there are stock checks.

It's also free or half price if you want to buy a Macca's on shift, depending on your role.

5. There isn't a secret menu. Wink.

Although you might want to try Scotland if it's a McGangBang you're after.

6.You really can't walk through the drive through, not even for a joke

7. Apparently cops eat half price in some stores

At least, they do in Australia.

8. And the most important quality you need to work at McDonald's is patience...

9. Which doesn't surprise us, considering some of the customers:

One [of the worst] would have to be an old customer call the cops on me because his order was wrong (he was the only customer in the store. The order was correct).

Picture: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

indy100 has contacted McDonald's for comment

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