A guy came up with a genius way to make sure his CV got delivered to the right people

Louis Dor
Sunday 09 October 2016 12:00
Picture:(Lukas Yla/Instagram)

Job hunting can be an anonymous, demoralising process of application after application. Video interview. Assessment centre. Yuck.

The task of standing out from a crowd is a hard one too manage - the line between original and erratic can be a tough one to tread.

Luka Yla seems to come up with an inspired way of getting his CV delivered to the right people.

Having moved from Vilnius, Lithuania, to San Francisco in the US, with five years experience in technology, the 25 year old began applying to companies.

His approach was pretty creative.

He dressed up as a Postmate delivery man (a bit like a US deliveroo driver) and dropped off some doughnuts at a prospective employers.

These wonderful doughnuts.

That got your attention, didn't it?

The people he wanted to contact weren't always in:

But his plan still worked.

A message inside the doughnut box read:


This delivery is not a mistake. I pretended to be a Postmates delivery guy to ensure my resume was delivered to you personally. 

As you have noticed, I approach things in a different way and most importantly - I like to get them done.

My name is Lukas; I am a marketing guy with five years of experience. I admire your company and would like to work for you.

Which is certainly one way to grab an employers attention.

He told Metro that he's delivered 40 boxes so far, and has had limited success:

A little bit more than ten to ad/creative agencies and the rest to tech companies. I landed ten interviews, and I am in the interview process with couple of companies.

Which is a pretty decent strike rate.

Best of luck to you Lukas, you bloody genius.

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