A man's prosthetic leg saved his life during the Bataclan massacre in Paris

A survivor of the massacre at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris has told how his life was saved by his prosthetic leg when the terrorists started methodically executing people who were lying on the floor.

Gregoire Philonenko said he watched in horror as a gunman - who had been killing every third person in a line of hostages - approached the place where he and his son were playing dead.

Talking to the BBC, Philonenko said:

I said to my son, 'I am a dead man, it's over. You don't move, don't move! But me, I am dead.'

But when the killer approached, he kicked Mr Philonenko's prosthetic leg and seemed convinced that he had already been killed.

The terrorist arrived, he touched my leg one time. He just pushed it slowly to see if you resist, which means that you are alive.

The gunman then moved on down the line, ignoring Mr Philonenko's son, and began killing more people.

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