A man threw two tomatoes at Donald Trump and now the internet has fallen in love with him

Louis Dor
Monday 01 February 2016 11:30

Andrew Alemao, 28, was arrested Tuesday night at a Donald Trump rally in Iowa after allegedly throwing two tomatoes at the Republican frontrunner.

According to the Iowa City Press Citizen, Alemao is facing a misdemeanor charge and was released Wednesday.

Needless to say, the internet looked upon his exploits with favour and Alemao has received numerous offers for free meals.

Alemao now also has a fan page on Facebook, set up in his name...

...which has gotten a little, well, creative:

Rumours even spread that he was to be given a medal by Obama - an obvious hoax.

Apparently, all it takes to win the hearts and minds of a nation are a couple of fruit projectiles.

Sanders and Clinton, take note.

(H/T Buzzfeed)

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