A Hungarian photographer dressed models up to look like refugees for a fashion shoot

A Hungarian photographer has sparked outrage after it emerged that his latest fashion shoot is inspired by the plight of refugees trying to cross Europe.

The show, titled 'Der Migrant', was created by Norbert Baska, a professional photographer who uploaded the pictures to his website and social media accounts yesterday.

The pictures have drawn criticism, especially since one journalist noted that the shoot supposedly took place on the Hungarian-Croatian border, which thousands of desperate people are currently trying to cross.

Others noticed that Der Migrant bears similarities to a storyline in Zoolander, in which designer Mugatu creates a line of clothing 'inspired' by the clothes worn by New York's homeless people (itself a parody of a real-life clothing line created by John Galliano in 2000.)

When asked by Hungarian and international media outlets about the pictures, Baksa took to his Twitter account and website to say that he didn't intend to "glamourise" the issue and that the photos are intended to give an artistic perspective on the complex situation:

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