Broadcaster baffles viewers after cutting to Satan worship footage during news bulletin

Broadcaster baffles viewers after cutting to Satan worship footage during news bulletin

Viewers watching their daily news bulletin on ABC were in for a shock after, the broadcast bizarrely cut to a random clip of a Satan-worshipping ceremony.

Nothing gets past ABC’s Media Watch - an account that highlights mistakes and mishaps, but on this occasion, it was their own broadcaster that experienced a faux pas.

Everything seemed normal at the beginning as news anchor Yvonne Yong reported on how Queensland, Australia is proposing new laws to ensure offenders who injure police dogs get harsher penalties.

That is until there was a random cutaway to a red-lit room, with a random person dressed in a dark cloak just casually presiding over a Satanic gathering with two other people assisting them sat to their right hand side.

In true Satan-worshipping style, the set-up also included a pentagram and an upside-down crucifix that was illuminated by lights to their left.

Within the brief seconds of the fleeting crossover, the leader can be heard saying: “Hail Satan” before the vision cut back to the Yong - who rather than making a comment about the strange events that just unfolded, stuck to the news bulletin like a true pro.

Since then Media Watch has shared the funny random clip to their Twitter account, describing the whole thing as a “satanic slip-up.”

People on Twitter also reacted to the random video clip and thought it was hilarious.

Meanwhile, others praised Yong for her professionalism despite the random Satanic clip that had just aired.

In an update, the Media Watch were able to track down where the random Satan-worshipping footage came from.

It was from an 18-minute live stream by Noosa Temple of Satan, where the clip that was televised was around the 8-minute mark.

They have recently been in the news for their fight against Queensland’s Education Department for Satanists to be allowed to teach religious instruction classes to school students and it has now reached the Supreme Court, Brisbane Timesreported.

Well, that’s one HELL of a publicity stunt.

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