This short film shows just how real Hollywood tries to make biopics

Wil Jones
Wednesday 29 March 2017 14:15

Playing a beloved figure from modern history is a pretty standard go-to move for Hollywood’s finest.

It’s a way to prove yourself by doing some capital A-acting, add some gravitas to your filmography, and maybe even bag yourself a few awards.

This video by editor Vulgar Efendi pulls together some of the best biopic performances of recent years, and puts them side by side with real-life footage of the person they are playing.

We see Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can, alongside real-life conman Frank Abagnale.

Picture: Vimeo/Screengrab(Vimeo/Screengrab)

Mark Wahlberg as boxer Mickey Ward in The Fighter compared to Ward’s real bout.

Picture: Vimeo/Screengrab(Vimeo/Screengrab)

Natalie Portman in Jackie next to footage of Jackie Onassis.

Picture: Vimeo/Screengrab(Vimeo/Screengrab)

And Michael Sheen as Brian Clough.


HT: The AV Club

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