After being banned from prom, this lesbian couple did something amazing

Prom King and Queen are, by way of unwritten law, implied to be couples - so when this same-sex couple were nominated by their peers, along with two other heterosexual couples, they were delighted.

Hayley Lack and her girlfriend Jenna were quickly disappointed, however, to find that Foothill High School’s administration took them out of the running.

Mic spoke to the principal of the California school, Jim Bartow, who said:

They [the girls] are both able to run separately, but we don't nominate as couples. It's not fair to the boy gender.

Lack perceived this to be discrimination and contacted the American Civil Liberties Union, who got back to her with the following statement:

To prohibit same sex couples from engaging in activity regularly allowed different-sex couples is discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The campaign gathered support from students as well as local news stations, and eventually the school was forced into amending its policy:

If an individual receives enough votes, they will be a candidate for the prom royalty position, regardless of their gender or the gender of their prom date. The candidates are then selected by vote on prom night.

Tolerance - 1, discrimination - 0.

Just fight for what you believe in. It was entirely worth it. We were planning to not only change it for us but to be able to change it for future LGBT kids and that’s what we’re so excited about.

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