Age gap relationships set to be one of 2024's biggest dating trends

Age gap relationships set to be one of 2024's biggest dating trends
Age-gap relationships are set to boom in 2024 - dating expert explains …
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Popular dating app Bumble has lifted the lid on predicted trends for 2024 – and cross-generational relationships are apparently expected to surge.

Age gap relationships, now rebranded by modern-day singletons as 'Gen-Blend relationships,' have long been a taboo that won't seem to die.

However, according to dating experts, 63 per cent of the study's participants have said age isn't a defining factor in their search for love. A further 59 per cent of women said they would be open to dating younger.

Sex and relationships expert Dr Caroline West believed the findings to be "really interesting," as they meant that "people are dating outside of a very strict type."

Dr West told Indy100: "When you tear up that rulebook and allow yourself to date people that you may not have dated before, you can have new experiences and actually find someone who is right for you, rather than someone trying to fit this tiny little box that you may have put them in before."

Of course, age-gap relationships are not a new concept and have struck up divisive debates in the past, including when 83-year-old Al Pacino had a child with his 29-year-old girlfriend earlier this year.

During this time, Emma Flint for The Independent hit back and said we should all simply mind our own business and get on with our lives.

"My partner is 33 years older than I am: he’s 65, to my 32. And I really couldn’t be happier," she wrote.

She continued: "While I understand these concerns, I can’t help thinking we are still sticking our noses in other people's business. And it’s not fair. Isn’t it about time that we gave our censoriousness a rest?"

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