Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's surprise reunion with her old teacher is the best thing you'll see today

The internet, especially Twitter can be a pretty depressing and dour place to be at times, with rarely anything nice of uplifting happening, that isn't some viral video from years ago.

However, every now and again something comes along that would put a smile on the face of even the grumpiest of individuals.

In preparation for her speech at the upcoming speech at the Democratic National Convention, where she will have just 60 seconds to deliver her remarks, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted an inspiring quote from Dr. Benjamin E. Mays about how a minute is all it takes.

This is nothing unusual from AOC, who is very good a Twitter but nobody would have been able to have predicted what would happen in the replies.

An account named @mjacobs324, which has been active on the website since 2016, replied to the congresswoman hinting that she had taught the Democrat in the second grade.

AOC could have either missed this or ignored the tweet but she replied and it was indeed her second-grade teacher who she remembered and seemed very touched by this message.

Jacobs replied to AOC and if you aren't crying by now then we don't know what to say.

This truly special interaction has gone instantly viral and yes, people are very emotional.

Let's hope that Ocasio-Cortez can still remember the advice that Ms Jacobs gave her when she speaks at the DNC ahead of this years election, where she will be hoping to retain her place in Congress.

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