Americans now like George W Bush more than Barack Obama

Today in we don't even know why we bother news, a new poll has found Americans prefer George W Bush to Barack Obama.

For the first time in more than a decade, a majority of people view Bush favourably (52 per cent) compared to unfavourably (43 per cent), according to the results of the CNN poll.

In January 2009, when Bush left office, his approval rating was just 33 per cent and the recent poll finds his support remains low among Democrats, people under the age of 35, as well as ethnic minorities.

By way of contrast, President Obama's popularity has waned. In March 53 per cent of Americans thought things were going well; now only 47 per cent would say the same thing, and 52 percent think the country is doing badly.

Americans now view him less favourably than any other president, with Bill Clinton and George HW Bushranked as the most popular.

This reminds us of that dream we had where Fox News was ranked as the most trustworthy news network in the US.

Wait... no, that actually happened too.

Hello darkness my old friend.

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