Nigel Farage announces Ann Widdecombe as lead Brexit Party candidate in South West, and people don’t know what to think

Nigel Farage announces Ann Widdecombe as lead Brexit Party candidate in South West, and people don’t know what to think

Former Tory MP and Celebrity Big Brother contestant extraordinaire Ann Widdecombe has joined Nigel Farage's Brexit Party, and people really don't know what to think.

In a somewhat unexpected move, Brexit Party leader and former Ukipper Nigel Farage confirmed Ms Widdecombe had joined the party in a tweet on Wednesday morning, saying she will be the party's lead candidate in the South West:

I welcome Ann Widdecombe as our lead candidate in the South West, the Brexit Party is a stronger alliance as a result. This is great news.

Ms Widdecombe, 71, was the Conservative MP for Maidstone, and then Maidstone and The Weald, from 1987 to 2010 before she retired from politics, reports the Evening Standard.

Some people welcomed her candidacy.

Others worried about her dancing abilities.

It's all a little bit weird though, isn't it, let's be honest.

But, you've gotta face it, who have Labour and the Tories managed to pull out of the bag?

Erm... what a line-up!?

It's basically a Channel 5 reality show reveal.

Cor blimey, the South West, you've really got an amazing line up of candidates to choose from now, haven't you?

It's all very 'down with the kids', isn't it?

Not now, not like this...

Speaking to the Daily Express about her appointment, Ms Widdecome said:

The public needs to send a very clear message and that is we expect the vote to be respected so just get on with the job of getting us out of the EU.

If I am elected in Brussels my message to [Jean-Claude] Juncker and company will be very simple, very loud and very clear. Nous allons [we go].

While she was an MP, Ms Widdecombe was known for her opposition to legalising abortion and her opposition to LGBT+ rights, including equalising the age of consent and repealing Section 28. She also voted for the reintroduction of the death penalty, and the retention of blasphemy laws.

Just to top it off, in the South West she'll be running against Andrew Adonis, Sargon of Akkad aka Carl Benjamin, and Molly Scott Cato.

Enjoy, guys!

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