Brexit: Nigel Farage's former adviser called out for spreading fake news about the EU on live TV

Brexit: Nigel Farage's former adviser called out for spreading fake news about the EU on live TV

It's been more than three years since the 2016 EU referendum and we've waded through a fair amount of fake news about the EU but after all this time it still keeps happening.

This time it's not the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage who are spreading false claims.

Instead, it is Trixie Sanderson, real name Annabelle Fuller, a former adviser to Mr Farage who engaged in a debate with anti-Brexit activist Femi Oluwole in April on Sky News over Farage's newly formed Brexit Party.

During their discussion, the subject turned to Farage's infamous 'breaking point' poster, which depicted middle eastern migrants apparently trying to get into the UK.

The problem was that not only was this poster horrifically xenophobic, it also pinned the blame on the European Union which was fundamentally wrong.

Sanderson claimed that one of the key issues during the referendum was about immigration and that accusing people of racism only 'polarised the argument further.'

Femi replied:

I literally just explained why it [the poster] was racist.

The UK is not part of the common asylum policy which means that the only people who can come to this country under EU law are people who look like Nigel Farage.

People from Poland. People from Bulgaria.

Yet he chose specifically people from middle eastern backgrounds to scare people about immigration.

So, why did he chose people who have nothing to do with Brexit to scare people about immigration?

Could it be perhaps what they look like? 

Sanderson came back with a statement about 'free movement.'

I'm sure you are aware that the 'free movement of people' means that anyone who is within the EU can come into the UK.

Femi then had to stop her again for telling a lie on national television but he let her continue. This is what she said.

If you read the legislation 2004/56, if you are interested, it says that 'free movement is for anyone who is within the EU.'

At that point, he decided enough was enough and that he wouldn't tolerate 'fake news' being spread on television.

It isn't. Sorry. I'm not going to allow you to spread fake news on national television. It is for EU citizens.

Those people that were shown in that photograph, those Syrian refugees are not EU citizens which means they had no right to enter this country under EU law.

It applies to citizens of EU countries. They are not citizens of EU countries. So what you are saying is fundamentally fake news. 

In a video released by the young people's anti-Brexit campaign group Our Future, Our Choice two screen recordings of the legislation that Sanderson mentioned are included which show that she got her facts wrong. You can watch the clip below.

The clip of Sanderson and Femi's fiery exchange has already been viewed more than 18,000 times in two hours on Twitter and people are thanking Femi for sticking up for the truth.

You can watch the full segment in the video below.

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