Australia votes to condemn TV presenter as "continual boofhead" for racist comments

The New South Wales parliament has officially declared that an Australian television presenter is a "boofhead."

Eddie McGuire, an Aussie rules football commentator, landed in hot water this week after criticising the Aboriginal dance performed by indigenous Australian Football League player Adam Goodes, who was celebrating a goal.

AFL player Adam Goodes

The motion, which was proposed by Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham, was unanimously supported.

In the Sydney Swans vs Carlton match, McGuire said of Goodes' dance:

We’ve never seen that [celebration] before and I don’t think we ever want to see it again to be perfectly honest, regardless of what it is.

It's not even the first time McGuire has fired racially charged slurs at the player, with whom he used to be friends.

In 2013 he called Goodes an "ape" and said he should play King Kong in a remake of the movie, a remark for which he was widely criticised. Although he publicly apologised for the slur, McGuire prefaced the apology with "I wasn't racially vilifying anyone."

Fed up with McGuire's behaviour, the New South Wales Upper House motion said:

This House condemns Mr Eddie Macguire [sic], the President of the Collingwood Football Club, for:
(a) his comment that "This is a made-up dance, this is not something that has been going on for years.", and
(b) being a continual boofhead.

It also acknowledged support for Goodes and the role sport and cultural expression plays in “building understanding between cultures and fighting discrimination.”

Eddie McGuire. Officially a continual boofhead
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