Avengers: Endgameis on track to become one of the most successful movies in the history of cinema, however, it seems that the main battle in the movie is between the sexes, not its supervillains.

The Marvel film - the finale of an 11 year series of 22 movies - raked in a record-breaking £694 million on its opening weekend, and is expected to beat its predecessor Infinity War by at least £200 million.

Endgame's roster includes a cast of 30 superheroes, however, the male characters enjoy a combined 381 minutes of screen time, compared to only 116 minutes of screen time for their female counterparts, reports the Daily Mail.

Chris Evans' Captain America comes out on top, with 1 hour 6 mins of the movie's overall three-hour running time. He's closely followed by Robert Downey Jnr’s Iron Man with one hour and two minutes of screen time, and then Chris Helmsworth's Thor with 45 minutes, reports the Daily Mail.

Ex-Dr Who actress Karen Gillan's character Nebula comes in fourth, with 41 minutes of screen time, but the franchise's latest star Captain Marvel, played by actress Brie Larson, only got 15 minutes of air time.

Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow enjoys 33 minutes of air time, however, Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie only gets a paltry 8 minutes of screen time, followed by Okoye (6 minutes) and Wong (6 minutes), reports The Sun.

Here's a list of how all the characters fared.

Major male characters

Captain America: 1hr 6m

Iron Man: 1hr 2m

Thor: 45m

Hulk: 40m

Ant-Man: 38m

Hawkeye: 37m

Rocket: 36m

War Machine: 35m

Groot: 7m

Drax: 7m

Wong: 6m

Loki: 2m

Total: 381 minutes

Major female characters

Nebula: 41m

Black Widow: 33m

Cpt Marvel: 15m

Valkyrie: 8m

Shuri: 7m

Okoye: 6m

Mantis: 6m

Total: 116 minutes

Endgame sees Avengers attempt to undo the actions of all-powerful baddie Thanos in Infinity War after he wiped out half of the universe's population.

The movie, as its title suggests, is the conclusion to more than 10 years worth of films. Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jnr and Chris Hemsworth, some of the franchises' main characters, have contracts that expire with the release of Endgame.

The film is the latter end of Marvel's 'Phase Three', but the superhero giant shows no signs of slowing down just yet, with 'Phase Four' set to begin in 2020, reports the Daily Mail.

We love you, anyway, Captain Marvel!

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