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Having a baby is one of the biggest things that anyone can do in their life but it shouldn't give people the right to act entitled and important to others.

That's why if you want someone to give you a gift for your newborn child, it's probably a good idea to invite them to the actual baby shower too.

This is the conundrum one woman found herself in after her own sister-in-law decided that she wanted a gift from her for the baby but didn't want her at the event.

After she enquired as to why she didn't receive a gift the sister-in-law was told exactly why and didn't go down to well with the mother or her brother.

But she had every right to take this stance, right? Seeking a better conclusion she took to the notorious subreddit 'Am I the A**hole?' to see what they thought.

It's safe to say that Reddit agreed with the woman and that her sister-in-law had been completely unreasonable and selfish.

Abblz said:

Lol, wtf? NTA She doesn’t like you enough to invite you to the shower but does like you enough to take your money? I can’t even believe the cheek.

ToxicBanana69 wrote:

Even ignoring all context, they're mad at you for not getting them a gift. That's not reasonable in the slightest.

They expect you to get a gift, yet don't think you're good enough for their shower? You're amazing for not feeling insulted or getting mad at that in the first place, and they have no right to be mad at you.

BabiesBornAfter2000 added:

It’s the same thing as not inviting someone to a birthday party, but still expecting a gift. Not to mention how rude it is the assume someone’s going to buy you a gift.

veronica-deetz possibly had the best suggestion:

You don’t owe them anything (your SIL is incredibly rude and has broken all social contracts), but if you want to stir the pot, give them the loudest, most annoying toy you can when the baby’s born/ for every birthday.

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