The new Black Mirror episode is interactive and people can't quite believe it

Louis Staples
Friday 28 December 2018 10:45

A new episode of Charlie Brooker’s "Black Mirror" went live on Netflix earlier today, sending the internet into mass hysteria.

"Black Mirror" has become a favourite with audiences due to its reality bending and often sinister interpretations of contemporary culture and where it could be heading.

The latest episode, which is actually more of a movie, is entitled "Bandersnatch". It's generated an even bigger reaction because, in a first for the franchise, it is interactive, meaning that viewers can actually choose what happens next. When you have made your decision, the film continues uninterrupted, creating a seamless transition effect. If viewers don't choose, it will make a choice at random.

In an interview with Variety, "Black Mirror" executive producers Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones said that "Bandersnatch" has five possible endings. It can be as short as 40 minutes or as long as 90, depending on your choices.

Naturally, given the interactive element, the internet is abuzz with reaction.

H/T: The Poke

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