Real-life Batman saves animals from euthanasia and finds them forever homes


A 27-year-old man called Chris Van Dorn doubles as a superhero and saves animals from shelters, some of whom are meant for euthanasia, and finds them forever homes.

Yep, this story is going to give you major warm and fuzzies, and possibly restore your faith in humanity. You have been warned.

Dorn dresses up as the DC superhero Batman and volunteers at animal shelters, and he decided to set up a charity to help transport pets to loving homes.

He founded Batman4Paws, inspired by having his own rescue dog, Mr. Boots (AKA Robin), taken to him via plane by another non-profit called PilotsnPaws.

“It all started around 2014 when my dad decided to adopt a rescue dog,” Batman wrote on his website.

 A quick search of the Internet turned up a wide-eyed, happy go lucky, super chill, tri-colored Australian Shepherd. It just so happened that this Australian Shepherd was no ordinary Aussie. He had quite the back-story.

He was found wandering around the woods in Alabama emaciated and covered in fleas and ticks. With the help of Dog Liberator and another nonprofit named PilotsnPaws, as well as pilot Jeff Bennett, they organized and facilitated the transportation and rescue of this scruffy looking pooch.

Since he launched his non-profit, Batman has make lots of journeys across the US to rescue animals on the way to euthanasia, taking them to homes to be adopted.

The Batmobile is a Honda Accord and basically everything about this is just great.

He is a hero of the four-legged ones.

“As a child, I looked up to the values that superheroes such as Batman reflected and thought that would be the perfect vessel to embody the spirit of goodwill. Thus, the crazy idea of Batman4Paws was born. I would help rescue animals in need anyway I can, all while dressed as the Dark Knight himself and becoming a symbol for helping those in need,” Chris writes on his GoFundMe page.

To make my dream a reality, I established Batman4Paws as a non-profit organization to rescue and transport dogs, cats, and other animals in need to forever homes, no-kill facilities, and foster homes throughout the state of Florida and beyond. Transports are done personally by me (Batman!) using any means necessary, although I prefer to fly.

People are so impressed with how much Batman’s done for animals, they’ve been donating. As of the writing of this article, he has raised $33,475 (£26,744) of his $35,000 (£27,963) goal.

People write to him via email, phone and social media for animals to adopt.

“Once a transport day is set and the furry friend has all their paperwork, he picks up the animal in need and brings it to safety,” his official Batman4Paws site writes.

He takes the animals to their homes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

He likes to stay within 500 miles of his home base in Orlando, Florida but has been known to extend his ring of service if the need arises and he is available to make it happen. He’s gone all the way to Vermont and back before! He hopes to expand his reach as his rescue grows.

And if that isn't enough to warm your heart, he's humble, too.

“I would say I’m just the middleman,” Chris recently told the media. “The real heroes are the people giving these dogs a good, loving home.”

It’s not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me.

You sir, are a hero.

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