The BBC Dad moved his webcam and people aren't happy

The BBC Dad moved his webcam and people aren't happy

Just over a year ago Robert E Kelly and his family won all of our hearts thanks to the greatest moment in TV history.

Everyone celebrated this prestigious anniversary, including the BBC.

However, a distressing development seems to have occurred in the past few days. It would appear that Kelly has moved his computer so it no longer faces the door in his office.

Say it ain't so? Will we never get to see his adorable kids burst in on their father while he is discussing South Korean politics on live TV ever again?

Needless to say, everyone was very upset.

The original tweet from Ross Kempsell, which was shared over 2000 times at the time of writing, obviously caught Kelly's attention.

Not wishing to disappoint his fans, Kelly replied and reassured them that he was travelling when that particular interview was conducted and that everything would be returning to normal when he returns home.

Thank goodness for that. As you can guess everyone was very happy.

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