BBC presenter explains why we won't be seeing any whales, whale instantly appears behind him

Mark Carwardine has been filming in the Pacific for a new BBC series called Big Blue Live.

In one piece to camera, the zoologist explains how he and the crew had been out filming since dawn to try to catch a glimpse of a blue whale, in "one of the world's great hotspots", but that they hadn't managed to see a thing.

When you get conditions like this – it’s quite swelly today – there’s a lot of waves, a lot of white caps so it’s hard to spot if there’s a blow.

It just makes it so challenging. It makes it quite exciting in one way, but it’s very frustrating in another – you know they’re here, you just jolly well can’t find them.

When, as if by magic:

Oh look, there is one…

Who knew whales had such perfect comic timing?

You can see the whole clip below:

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