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You know what’s fun? Watching a bear break into your home and filming it instead of, you know, securing the house and running for cover.

A hilarious video featuring a curious bear that wandered onto the porch of Randi Chapman muscle his way into her home has reached viral acclaim.

The video shows the lumbering beastie coming out of the woods before meandering onto her porch, moseying around until it comes across an open window.

Chapman, who remained behind a glass door, diligently took the video whilst telling the bear to go away.

Solid self-preservation right there.

It is at this point, at the height of tension that she calls out for “Angela”.

“Angela,” she whispers at one point, before continuing, “Angela come here, he’s coming. Angela help me. Angela come here b****!”

As the bear begins to enter her home, her voice drops a few octaves, “Angela!”

Who is this Angela? Where is she? How can she protect Randi against a whole bear? Such questions form the basis of Twitter responses, and as the bear pushes the window screen aside and plops inside the house, “WHERE IS ANGELA?!” becomes an all-consuming question.

Eventually the police are called out and the bear makes a run for it towards the trees at the back of the house, followed by a chorus of “Bad bear! Bead bear!” from the officers.

Randi's friend George Foster uploaded it on Twitter and it received lots of love (some 34k retweets).

One question however, remains.

Twitter, wholly invested in this story, want to know: Where is Angela?

"Angela" began trending online

People made suggestions about what they think happened with Angela

Seriously Angela, where art thou?

It turns out Angela Marie Daniel was right next to Randi the entire time

Taking to her instagram, she clarified the matter:

Unexpected Dinner Guest 

Let the record show I was directly behind @rlchap the entire video trying to deadbolt the solid wood door and save us. What I get for baking cookies!


Other people had a few thoughts about the incident....

And finally, the jokes

"Angela" might have become the next big thing in memes.

In conclusion:

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