The 9 best photos from Show Racism The Red Card Day

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Friday 19 October 2018 08:15
Picture:(Martin Rose and Twitter screengrab)

People across the country are wearing red as a way to help tackle racism in society.

The UK charity Red Card, established in 1996 launched the campaign. They deliver anti-racism education to young people across the country and have thus far coached 50,000 people on the issue.

Show Racism the Red Card has chosen the 19th October to bring this issue to the light and asks schools and businesses to wear something red and donate at least £1 to the cause.

James Knight, North East education team manager at Show Racism the Red Card said:

By participating, schools, businesses and individuals can overtly demonstrate that not only are they themselves committed to equality and treating young people equally irrespective of their skin colour, nationality, religion or culture, but that they will challenge racism and discrimination as an upstander - sending a message to everyone that racism will not tolerated or excused.

Students and adults across the country have heeded the call and have been sharing their red using the hashtags #ShowRacismTheRedCard and #WRD18. Here are some of the best ones:

1. Watford Football Club

2. This little girl with a unicorn jumper

3. These school children with badges

4. Former footballer and TV presenter Chris Kamara is getting in on the action

5. The University of Nottingham sports clubs joined in

6. These snazzy socks

7. The entire National Education Union

8. This

9. Even people from Singapore got involved

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