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What's the pettiest thing that you'd 100 per cent lay down your life for? Is it, say, that pink Skittles are obviously the best kind of Skittle, or, erm, we don't know... that Tuesday is the best day of the week?

Well, if you would - then we're here for you, cos you obviously need more joy in your life.

But also, you might be interested in this hilarious Twitter thread.

Presumably to while away a boring afternoon, Twitter user @Phunky_Brewster took to the social media site to ask people:

Here is a beautiful hill.

Quote tweet this with the pettiest argument that would make you gladly die on this hill.

Naturally, if you asketh, you shall receiveth.

Twitter didn't disappoint.

Wow, controversial.


Say whattttt?

Someone is ready to fight it out with Shakespeare.

Soda, and only soda, will do. Bite me.

Someone *really* cares about how you pronounce dates.

Loo roll again.


Angle we'd never even considered.

Hill death is imminent.

OK, so now you're going for the avocados, too!?

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Well after all that, we're slightly...

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