Beyonce and Jay Z release spoof Bonnie and Clyde-style film trailer

Warning: Explicit language

After a difficult few days for the Beyonce and Jay Z brand, the music industry's wealthiest couple have returned all guns blazing.

Having been at the centre of an embarrassing controversy only last week, when footage emerged of Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z in a hotel lift, the pair have released a spoof film trailer to promote their On The Run tour, due to commence next month.

Lasting just over three minutes, and featuring a series of gun battles and car chases, the cast also includes Sean Penn, Don Cheadle and Jake Gyllenhaal.

While purporting to be for the new movie Run, it concludes with the caption 'Coming Never'. Despite its violent tone, Solange is regrettably denied a cameo.

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