Bill O'Reilly confronted with reality of racism, still manages to ignore it

Apart from a whole heap of racial generalisations, some sanity actually appeared to prevail in the Fox News studio in regards to racial (in)equality in America, albeit very briefly.

Against a defiant Bill O'Reilly, he of "you kinda look like a cocaine dealer" fame, Megyn Kelly, she of "White Santa" and "We're talking about something important here" fame, actually appeared to talk sense into the belligerent anchor.

"It all comes down to family, culture, personal responsibility... this is what drives the poverty," starts O'Reilly.

But after Kelly reels off a series of firm statistics, O'Reilly appears to back down and accept that 'white privilege' may actually exist...

...then the following day he reverted to type and espoused his prejudiced views all over again. Oh, Bill.

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