A Black man was repeatedly harassed by a white woman while he was trying to make a food delivery in California.

Jordan Mykel Gipsonwas doing his job for Postmates — an American food delivery service — last week when he was stopped by an unidentified woman who interrogated him about what he was doing there, and later blocked him from entering the doorway.

“So, a Karen stopped me from doing my job,” Gipson wrote as the caption of a 4-minute clip showing him holding several containers of food outside the building.

Gipson posted twovideos of the incident to Instagram last week.

“I’m glad I was here,” she said to him.

“So you’re not gonna let me in to deliver this food?” he asked.

Later, the video shows he politely said, “I have food I have to deliver to somebody, ma’am.”

Meanwhile, he buzzes the intercom to the person he is supposed to be delivering to and says, “Excuse me, Paul, there’s a woman here at the door.”

The Postmates customer seems confused and annoyed at the woman as well as she speaks with him.

“I live here,” she says to the buzzer. “A**hole! And I pay rent here.”

“I am delivering the food,” Gipson said over and over again, holding a bag of food.

Gipson tells the woman he is “just doing” one of his three jobs, but she is undeterred and apparently is bothered by his green mask and black Los Angeles Dodgers hat, a second video posted by Gipson shows.

“Is this a holdup or something?” the woman asks. “Just take it off.”

In an endless back-and-forth, the woman continues to berate him.

The woman, not wearing a mask, then gets closer to Gipson and sticks her tongue out. She also makes a face at him by pushing her nostrils back. Eventually, the customer comes down and takes the order from him.

The videos posted on Instagram sparked outrage.

"This is so gross," one user commented. Others commended Gipson for being so patient with the woman who was undeserving: "Wow, good for you for being so kind. She didn’t deserve it," another user wrote.

Gipson told the Daily Dot that while he didn’t feel physically threatened by the woman, he felt threatened by the idea that she might call the police on him.

“She’s an old white lady, and I’m a young Black man,” he told the Daily Dot, saying that was why he recorded the incident.

Gipson’s girlfriend, meanwhile, has launched an online fundraiser following his encounter with the “crazy a** Karen” who blocked him from the building. As of Monday, it has raised more than $8,000.

“Jordan was very patient with this racist a** woman who did not deserve the calm reaction that he gave her,” the website said.

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