Fox anchor sparks backlash with ‘disgusting’ tweet about obese people getting vaccine priority

<p>Blake McCoy made the controversial statement on Tuesday</p>

Blake McCoy made the controversial statement on Tuesday

Blake McCoy/ Facebook

A local news anchor has been suspended after saying he was “annoyed” that obsese people were being prioritised for the coronavirus vaccine.

Blake McCoy, who works for the Fox 5 news station in Washington DC, was condemned online for the “hurtful” and “disgusting” tweet posted on Tuesday.

“I’m annoyed that obese people of all ages get priority vaccine access before all essential workers,” he wrote.

“When most stayed home, we went into work every day last March, April, May and every day since putting ourselves and our loved ones at risk. Vaccinate essential workers. Then obese.”

His tweet came after 15 states in the US identified obesity as one of the qualifying conditions for an early vaccine

People with body mass index (BMI) above 30 at potential risk of getting severe Covid complications, according to the CDC.

A spokesperson for TV station WTTG, of which FOX 5 News is a part, said McCoy “has been suspended pending further review”.

Within hours of his tweet, the news anchor was forced to issue an apology.

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