Two women are racking up thousands of fans thanks to posing in the same outfit to show how they look on different body types – and that anyone can wear trends.

Best friends Denise Mercedes and Maria Castellanos started the #StyleNotSize series in 2019, after sharing a photo of both of them wearing the same brown Aerie bikini, in a sponsored post for the brand.

Since then, their double duty content has taken off and they’ve continued to showcase a range of styles via Instagram and TikTok.

Mercedes, who is a model, identifies as plus-size with an hourglass figure, while best friend Castellanos says she has an “athletic build”.

In a 2019 interview with Business Insider, Mercedes explained the drive behind the initiative.

"The whole purpose of the series is to portray two different body types wearing clothes that we both look great in," she said.

"I wanted to get the same swimsuit as Maria because I wanted to showcase that we are both completely different sizes, yet we are both wearing a bikini and we both look really good," she added. "The audience was so excited and they loved the idea".

Castellanos was hesitant at first, but came around to the idea when her friend boosted her confidence.

The response was so positive that the pair kept creating photoshoots, taking their content to TikTok as well.

Brands have also sponsored them to showcase their clothes.

Followers seem to love the idea.

“I am in love with these videos you do, helps me be confident and gives me fashion inspiration for all kinds of clothes I don't usually think to wear. That red dress is absolutely killer on both of you!!, wrote one fan on a recent upload.

Killing it.

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