Boris Johnson just tried to claim he ‘followed the guidance to the letter’ and ‘succeeded’ in March – it didn’t end well

In prime minister Boris Johnson’s speech to the nation last night, he claimed – among other things – that he knows “that we can succeed” because we “have succeeded before”.

With 40,000 deaths from coronavirus in the UK, many people questioned what ‘success’ actually looks like.

He stated that when the pandemic first began, the nation “pulled together in the spirit of national sacrifice and community”.

People were baffled at the idea that someone would actually call the situation a success...

Over 40,000 people have now died of coronavirus in the UK. That makes it the eighth worst affected country in the world by deaths per million people.

Some people also brought up the fact that the response has been criticised for testing shortages, the failure to implement an effective test and trace app and a lack of PPE, among other failures.

Later on in the speech, Johnson continued: We followed the guidance to the letter, we stayed at home, protected the NHS and saved thousands of lives.”

This claim also sparked outrage.

People were quick to point out that Dominic Cummings, for example, didn’t follow the “guidance to the letter”.

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