Outrage as Boris Johnson caught checking phone during parliament debate

Outrage as Boris Johnson caught checking phone during parliament debate

In case you missed it Boris Johnson has been a hot topic for today after he was absolutely "humiliated" in the House of Commons on Monday evening by Ed Miliband.

During a debate about Brexit the former Labour leader, now business secretary went in on the prime minister.

Aside from being ridiculed for his many pained facial expressions, Johnson was also blasted for scrolling through his phone as Miliband made some very harsh observations and tore into Johnson's disastrous handling of Brexit.

During the 25-minute speech, Miliband also accused Johnson of having failed to even read the bill they were debating.

Many social media users tweeted about their ‘disgust’ over Johnson being seemingly so nonchalant that he was even spotted checking his phone during the debate.

During the speech Miliband also demanded that Johnson take responsibility for his Brexit "mess", pointing out that he repeatedly promised an "oven ready" deal.

As well as outlining Labour's attitude towards the Internal Markets Bill, Miliband's blistering speech reflected some of the opposition Johnson faces from his own party.

Although the bill ultimately passed through the Commons, 30 Tory MPs abstained from voting, while two voted against it.

Johnson has sought to justify the bill, which will give his government the power to double back on part of the Brexit agreement they made with the EU (and in doing so, potentially break international law), by claiming it will provide vital trading safeguards for Northern Ireland if negotiations break down.

But Miliband cast doubt on whether or not this is actually true: he invited Johnson to point out specific safeguards in his bill, which Johnson failed to do. Instead, he appeared visibly shaken by Miliband's speech.

And obviously he had time to check his phone as well.

We do wonder what he was looking at? One social media user offered up a suggestion with this mock-up image:

We would all love to know what was so interesting though.

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