What Ed Miliband said to make 'humiliated' Boris Johnson make this face

What Ed Miliband said to make 'humiliated' Boris Johnson make this face

Prime minister Boris Johnson was left looking extremely uncomfortable as he listened to Ed Miliband during a debate about Brexit in parliament last night.

The former Labour leader, now Shadow Business Secretary, had finally had enough and grilled Johnson while holding nothing back.

The moment, of course, left Johnson looking pained as he was called the man who “got Brexit undone”, and an individual who blamed his errors on everyone else but himself while taking part in "legislative hooliganism". That among many other brutal observations.

The speech lasted a full 25 minutes, however, the most-widely shared parts of it involved his attack on the prime minister sitting just a few feet away.

In the clip, we can see Johnson looking up at the ceiling with a pained expression as Miliband said:

The government must go back and remove the sections breaking international law and ensure the bill works in respecting the devolution settlement

Miliband, who was standing in for Labour leader Keir Stamer, also caused another definite facial reaction when he said:

From a man who says he wanted to get Brexit done and won an election on it, this bill gets Brexit undone.

I never thought respecting international law would, in my lifetime, be a matter of disagreement.

At this point Johnson even rolled his eyes, leaving Miliband to cheekily ask why he would do so.

Elsewhere in the speech, Miliband added:

Let's just get this straight for a minute, because I think it is important to take a step back, what the Prime Minister is coming to the House to tell us today is that his flagship achievement, the deal he told us was a triumph, the deal he said, as I said, was oven ready, the deal on which he fought and won the general election is now contradictory and ambiguous.

What incompetence. What failure of governance. And how dare he try and blame everyone else.

Can I say to the Prime Minister, this time he can't blame (Theresa May), he can't blame John Major, he can't blame the judges, he can't blame the civil servants, he can't sack the Cabinet secretary again.

There's only one person responsible for it, and that is him. This is his deal, it's his mess, it's his failure.It didn’t end there.

He continued:

For the first time in his life, it is time to take responsibility, it is time to fess up.

Either he wasn't straight with the country about the deal in the first place or he didn't understand it.

Because a competent government would never have entered into a binding agreement with provisions it could not live with.

And if such a government somehow missed the point but woke up later, it would have done what any competent business would do after it realised it can't live with the terms of a contract, it would negotiate a way out in good faith.

And that's why this is all so unnecessary — because there is a mechanism designed for exactly this purpose in the agreement, the Joint Committee on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Naturally, hardly anyone watching missed Johnson's painful facial expressions...

The Bill eventually passed its second reading by 340 votes to 263, after most Tory rebels abstained rather than voted against it.

You can read the full text of Miliband’s speech here as it was published which in full by the Labour Party.

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