During an appearance on LBC Radio today, Tory leadership hopeful Boris Johnson was grilled about the origins of a photo that has emerged of he and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds just days after reports of a domestic dispute between the couple.

Host Nick Ferrari astonishingly asked Johnson 26 times about the photograph of the couple in a garden and when it was taken. Despite the incessant questioning, Johnson refused to reveal when the photograph was taken.

Johnson tried to remain silent on the issue and also claimed that the date of the photograph was a 'state secret', which led Ferrari to ask: "This is quite an old picture, isn't it?"

Ferrari then pointed out that Johnson's hair in the photograph was very different to the barnet that he is currently sporting. The host then added, "It's from before the haircut, from the Turkish chap."

Of all the things that were being aimed at him, Johnson took issue with this statement as he apparently no longer has his haircut by that particular gentleman.

Well, no you are wrong about that. Unfortunately, I no longer have my haircut by the Turkish chap.

I have my haircut by a very nice person called Kelly or possibly Tamara.

Ferrari then asked when was the last time that he'd had a haircut to which the Tory MP replied.

You'll have to ask Kelly or Tamara about that. It was quite recently, actually.

This absolutely farcical moment practically sums up British politics right now and everyone is making the same point about his haircut and the interview as a whole.


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