The government is currently in the middle of a controversial process to bring back physical voting to Parliament.

Yet Boris Johnson’s latest apparent blunder contradicts official government messaging that risks to MPs will be minimal as they will be observing social distancing.

Several viewers of Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday clocked that Johnson appeared to break social distancing rules just seconds after the session finished.

Cameras picked up the PM enthusiastically greeting colleagues – well within two metres of them.

The risk of Johnson catching coronavirus is minimal, given he’s already had it.

But scientists are still not sure how it spreads and have warned of asymptomatic ‘spreaders’ who can carry the disease without being infected themselves.

Johnson’s actions came on the same day business secretary Alok Sharma said he was now self-isolating with symptoms of coronavirus – after having delivered a speech in the House of Commons

And the prime minister had even mentioned the importance of social distancing in his PMQs speech.

So the fact that he appeared to be immediately flouting the rules didn't go down too well.

Oh well, do as we say, not as we do, right? Surely that's what we all learned from the Dominic Cummings saga.

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