Efforts to identify the English-accented jihadist in a new Isis execution video, released on Sunday afternoon, last night centred around a former bouncy castle salesman who skipped bail and fled to Syria.

What we know

Siddartha Dhar, a British-Indian convert to Islam, fled the UK in November 2014 after being arrested on suspicion of encouraging terrorism and supporting the banned Islamist group al-Muhajiroun.

The 32-year-old and father of four from East London was raised as a Hindu, but now goes by the nom de guerre Abu Rumaysah.

He has since published a 46-page e-book which compares the Caliphate declared by Isis to a holiday resort and comments upon the quality of its coffee and diversity of the inhabitants.

Do we know for certain that it was him in the video?

The identity of the execution has yet to be confirmed as Scotland Yard and intelligence services are using voice recognition software to try to identify the gunman.

However, the man in the video appears to be Dhar and has been identified as such by several sources and media outlets.

One source familiar with Dhar told the i paper:

There is no doubt in my mind that it is him. From his eyes and the shape of his face to the way he pronounces certain words, it can only be him. The seeds of extremism were within him but it is no less shocking if this is what he has become.

Who was killed?

Five men, wearing jumpsuits and kneeling in the desert, appear to have been shot in the back of the head.

Isis said they were "spying" for the UK in the video addressed to David Cameron. Britain's intelligence agencies have denied that the men were working for the government, according to the Guardian, which Middle East expert Shiraz Maher said was unusual in the sense that they usually take a

What David Cameron has said

The prime minister responded to the execution video during a visit to East London, saying:

This is an organisation that’s losing territory, it’s losing ground, it’s… increasingly losing anybody’s sympathy, and this again shows what an appalling organisation we’re up against.

What Dhar's family have said

Siddartha Dhar's sister, Konika, from Edmonton in North London, said that she had not been in contact with her brother for more than a year.

She added:

If it is him, bloody hell I am going to kill him myself.

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