This girl gave her boyfriend a list of rules along with his Christmas present. They've already been broken

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Receiving a new video game for Christmas means you won't see or speak to anyone again for at least a month or two, if you're an addict.

That's what Ashley Davison realised when she gave her boyfriend the new Call of Duty video game for Christmas this year.

Rather than simply allowing him to waste away endless hours in front of a television and neglecting her, she decided to make some ground rules.

The University of Oklahoma student literally drew up a contract of the rules that her other half Blake Perry must adhere to before starting the game.

The rules were:

1. If I call you must pause the game and talk to me with full attention

2. No starting another match if we are planning to hang out or I ask to hang out

3. You must ask if it is okay for you to play while I am over at your house with you. Make sure I have something to do while you are in battle.

4. You must reply to a text no longer than 11 minutes

5. Do not forget to give me just as much attention.

Just to top things off Blake had to sign a disclaimer.

It read:

I, Blake Perry, will follow these rules and in return, I will be enjoying my new game and loving my girlfriend at the same time.

But if I do not follow these rules my girlfriend, Ashley Davison, can take this game away from me at anytime for the rest of my life.

So I will follow these rules and not forget about my girlfriend.

Blake shared the contract on Twitter but in an act of defiance vowed to break the rules anyway.

The tweet soon became a viral sensation and Ashley's unique way of making sure Blake still paid attention to her divided opinion.

There were those that were all for it:

Others felt that it was far too controlling:

As the tweet started to get more and more traction both Blake and Ashley had to confess that it just an elaborate joke and nobody was controlling anyone.

Just in case the contract was legit, it appears that Blake has already broken it.

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