Brain surgeon claims to have experienced life after death

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The question of where we go after we have died has been one of humanity's greatest mysteries for centuries.

One man who claims to know the answer or at least has an inclination of what might happen is the brain surgeon, Dr Eben Alexander.

In 2008, Alexander fell into a week-long coma and has documented what he can remember from this event in a new book called Living in aMindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into the Heart of Consciousness.

In the book Alexander claims to have experienced a sensation that felt like he was ascending to the heavens or something of that equivalent.

At the time he was suffering from a brain infection known as meningoencephalitis, which left him at two per cent chance of staying alive.

Even doctors told his family that he was about to die and was placed on a medical ventilator to preserve him for a little longer.

It is at that point that he began to experience unusual activity.

The 63-year-old reportedly says that a light came down from above and he began to hear music.

Lad Bible quote him as saying:

It was a circular entity, emitting heavily music that I called the Spinning Melody. The light opened up like a rip.

And I felt myself going through the rip, up into a valley of lush and fertile greenery, where waterfalls glowed into crystal pools.

There were clouds, like marshmallow puffs of pink and white.

Behind them, the sky was a rich blue-back, with trees, fields and animals and people.

There was water, too, flowing in rivers or descending as rain.

Mists rose from the pulsing surfaces of these waters and fish glided beneath them.

Although this is a convincing if not fantastical story it is still just one man's word and there is virtually no way of verifying whether it is true or not.

Alexander, who has also published a book called Proof of Heaven is a strong believer in the afterlife and points towards the evidence on the subject.

He adds:

The evidence for near-death experiences is overwhelming.

But the evidence for how they occur is virtually non-existent.

Research has been collected on the subject through The Near Death Experience Research Foundation which invites people to share their experiences on their website.

However, just a few weeks ago scientists in California stated that the law of physics would prevent information to continue in our brains once we have died.

So, you know, it may all just be wishful thinking.

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