Doll firm Bratz under fire for recreating tongue-burning scene from rated R Megan Fox movie

<p>A screenshot from the clip in question </p>

A screenshot from the clip in question


Dolls brand Bratz has been met with mixed reactions after recreating a scene from 2009 horror movie Jennifer’s Body.

The rated R film, directed by Karen Kusama and written by a post-Juno Diablo Cody, is a favorite among teens and young adults. Jennifer’s Body stars Megan Fox as Jennifer Check and Amanda Seyfried as Anita “Needy” Lesnicki, both of whom are featured in the clip. The movie follows the pair as Jennifer unwillingly becomes a succubus who can only satiate her needs by feeding on other teen boys, and Needy tries her best to put an end to the carnage.

The Twitter clip depicts Fox and Lesnicki as Bratz dolls in a recreation of one of the film’s most iconic scenes: Jennifer, while on the phone with Needy, holds a lighter to the tip of her tongue. The flesh is briefly scorched, then instantly heals. “I am a god,” she says, realizing the full scope of her newfound succubus powers.

Bratz uploaded the fifteen-second clip with the caption: “Killing boyz, brb.”

The tweet led one user to ask: “Who’s the target demographic for Bratz?”

Since the brand’s discontinuation of its dolls in 2016, Bratz has collaborated with fashion brands like DollsKill, whose demographic is late teens to early 20s. The recent Y2K-inspired collaboration appears to be aimed at women who played with the dolls as kids and now want to wear their logo for both aesthetic and nostalgic reasons as adults.

Many have responded to user Konshideout’s tweet with an answer along the lines of “for the adults who played them as kids.”

Some users appeared worried that children will decided to hold lighters to their tongues after watching the Bratz video. Others have defended the brand by noting that not only is the brand not marketing to kids, but that kids would only able to see this if they had social media, as the clip is not being used as advertisement on TV or other platforms.

Bratz are still sold as collector’s items, with a limited edition 20th anniversary line dropping in June 2021. Jennifer’s Body has recently been added to the Criterion Collection, cementing its status as a cult classic.

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