If you’re a Pulp Fiction fan, you might want to look away now.

Production company Elara Pictures posted a bizarre video that combined the iconic "hamburger" interrogation scene from Pulp Fiction alongside Brett Kavanaugh's Senate testimony.

Following allegations of sexual misconduct, Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh angrily refuted Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s claim that he sexually assaulted her at a party in 1982.

During the hearing, Kavanaugh told the Senate about how hard he worked to get into Yale Law school, which he pointed out was the best law school in the country. In the video, this was cut together withSamuel L. Jackson’s character saying:

Check out the big brain on Brett!

When Senator Lindsey Graham interjects to support Kavanaugh, Jackson’s character interjects:

I don’t remember asking you a goddamn thing.

The video eventually made its way to Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

Kavanaugh denies the allegations. Following a vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee, the FBI will investigate Ford’s claims, with a conclusion expected to be reached next week.

H/T: Mashable

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