People think this story about a man blowing up his house to kill a fly is the perfect Brexit analogy

As we get closer to yet *another* Brexit deadline, without a deal on the table, more people are starting to question the decision.

This morning, a BBC news story sparked lots of talk on social media.

To make a long story short a Frenchman was about to eat his dinner, when he noticed a fly and tried to kill it with an electric bug swatter. But he accidentally hit a leaking gas canister. This led to an explosion that destroyed his kitchen and caused roof damage.

People found the whole thing immediately hilarious, but couldn't help but notice some interesting parallels with the state of the world right now.

In particular, the state that is British politics currently:

Even the unverified Twitter account for Larry, Number 10’s housecat, got involved.

Some people just thought it perfectly summed up everything that's happened at the moment.

What to take from this story? Don’t let a fly ruin your dinner? Or maybe, don’t blow up your home until you’ve finished your dinner.

Anyway, the chief Brexit negotiator said the government is not scared of walking away from talks without a trade deal ready.

So that’s nice.

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