What is the Brexit Freedoms Bill the government is unveiling?

What is the Brexit Freedoms Bill the government is unveiling?
Brexit has been ‘big success already’, says minister

The government is launching a so-called "Brexit Freedoms Bill" to alter EU-era regulations that were copied over to the UK when it left two years ago.

In an announcement for Brexit's second anniversary, Downing Street said the bill will change how parliament can amend or remove regulations, meaning it will be able to "red tape", "unleash the benefits of Brexit" and make British business more competitive.

EU laws have a special legal status and there is a specific process to change them. They were copied over to smooth the transition period but the government has been reviewing them since September and said the bill will make it easier to do so.

“The plans we have set out today will further unleash the benefits of Brexit and ensure that businesses can spend more of their money investing, innovating and creating jobs,” Johnson said in a statement.

“Our new Brexit Freedoms Bill will end the special status of EU law in our legal framework and ensure that we can more easily amend or remove outdated EU law in future.”

But the plan was criticised by the devolved administrations and some have said Johnson is announcing it as part of so-called Operation Red Meat measures to move on from the Partygate scandal.

It did not specify the provisions in the bill or how it calculated the claim that businesses would save £1bn through the cutting of red tape.

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But reacting to it, the people of Twitter weren't too enthusiastic about it:

The Scottish Government's Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution Angus Robertson said the bill would "undermine devolution".

And Mick Antoniw, the Welsh Minister for the Constitution, said the UK government was driving a "coach and horses through the concept of mutual consent".

Meanwhile Emily Thornberry, Labour’s shadow attorney general, said: “For all this talk from the Government about the potential legislative freedom we have outside the EU, they still refuse to make a concrete change the Labour Party has been demanding in this area for months, which is the removal of VAT on people’s energy bills.

“The British public overwhelmingly support Labour’s proposed change, and it is time the Government started listening.”

Johnson got Brexit "done" so why is Brexit legislation still being made two years later?

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